How Outsourcing Customer Service Saves You Time

& Allows You to Reach Your Goals

The Role of Customer Support and Success Reps

A Customer Support Representative addresses and resolves customer issues whilst a Customer Success Representative focuses on client retention and satisfaction.

Both positions are essential to help you increase customer satisfaction and ensure customer loyalty, which results in renewals, upsells, cross-sells and referrals through word of mouth.

Activities often include:



Taking inbound calls from

customers to resolve their queries



Sending satisfaction surveys and educational content to existing clients to ensure engagement



Responding to emails, chat

queries and social messages



Ensuring clients renew their contracts



How you will save time and money, whilst producing great results

You can hire and manage reps in-house or you can outsource them. By utilizing CloudTask’s services you will see the following benefits:


Recruiting Time


In House



Save a potential 40 days recruiting


Average number of days to fill a service role: 401


with CloudTask



No time spent recruiting

Why waste your time finding and

interviewing candidates that may not

have the right skills, company culture,

and passion for the job?



We do this for you 

Training Time


In House



From 90 days


Average ramp up time of a new rep: 90 days.2
Average attrition of a rep: 30 to 50%.1
The average cost of hiring a new agent: $2,500.1


with CloudTask



To a few days 


We train our reps for success and the day

they begin working with you, they’re

already trained in best practices

and technology.



We’ll still need to work with your team

to ensure optimal understanding and

results, but much of the heavy lifting will

be complete.



Management Time


In House



From daily work


Managers get rid of about 25% of their
workload to spend it on more important
priorities when outsourcing.



with CloudTask



To no management time


CloudTask has an experienced management

team behind our reps to ensure we hit

your KPIs and save you time.




Start Obtaining Results Instantly

CloudTask has delivered results across numerous industries and accounts from day one:

GoDataFeed, a powerful app for online retailers, used CloudTask’s services to obtain these results:




Increased CSAT from 86% to 94% within 7 weeks



Reduced avg response time from 6.7 to 1.8 minutes



Reduced their total cost per rep by 45%


IT software powerhouse, Ipswitch, used CloudTask’s Services to:




Handle 2,963 support chatsfrom

May 2018 to January 2019.



Increase customer satisfaction & retention

by providing an extra support channel.

Get in touch with us to explore how our Sales Development

Teams can boost your Customer Service and Retention